Recycling Solvents

Many solvents can be recycled and supplied back into industry as a recycled product.

If the solvent has become very contaminated or has been mixed with other materials, direct recycling may not be an option. In this case the materials may be 'blended' into a solvent-based fuel, which can then be used as a direct replacement for a fossil fuel.

This approach turns a waste product into a useable product rather than the material merely being disposed of with no environmental benefits or uses. All types of solvents can be accepted at our facility.

  •   Acetone
  •   Thinners
  •   Xylene
  •   Gunwash
  •   Inks
  •   Resins
  •   White Spirit
  •   Adhesives
  •   Petrol
  •   Diesel
  •   Kerosene
  •   Aviation Fuel
  •   Perchloroethylene
  •   Dichloromethane
  •   Petroleum Distillate Paints