Confidential Waste Stock Destruction

We have invested heavily in waste shredding and compaction technology at our plant in Wiltshire. This has several environmental benefits.

  •   Reduces the volume of the waste and hence reduces the transport to move the waste and therefore reduces emissions.
  •   It allows chemicals and stock in containers to be shredded, their contents removed and handled separately. For example cosmetics (shampoo, conditioner etc) can be shredded and the contents would be diverted away from landfill to be biologically treated.

By shredding waste we also offer the ability for customers to actually witness any damaged goods or over stock being destroyed, this provides the peace of mind that their products cannot then re-enter the market (see Certificate of Destruction).

Types of materials we have destroyed include:

  •   Cosmetics
  •   Video recordings
  •   Bottles / cans of drink
  •   Fashion garments
  •   Confidential paperwork
  •   Printed materials with company logo’s (to avoid unauthorized uses)
  •   Contact lenses/Spectacles
  •   Labels
  •   Unused components - bottles/boxes/lids etc
  •   Toys which have failed safety standards
  •   Contaminated packaging
  •   Wines and beers