Waste Matters Ltd began trading in 1992. Since then Waste Matters Ltd has expanded and grown to become a leading hazardous waste management company in the West Country. We specialise in Hazardous waste disposal, and pride ourselves on the services we are able to provide to our customers through our Environment Agency Permitted waste transfer station in Westbury, Wiltshire. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring that all hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with all current legislation, whose wealth of knowledge and experience ensures all hazardous waste is dealt with in compliance with the ‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods’ regulations, and the ‘Hazardous Waste Regulations’. We have fully trained ADR drivers for our articulated curtain sided vehicles, a 28 tonne tail lift vehicle for customers who require lifting equipment and also a laboratory packaging van which is equipped to ADR standards and is supplied with a qualified chemist. This experience and commitment enables us to provide customers with the advice and first class service they can expect from our specialist hazardous waste disposal company.

As part of our complete hazardous waste management service we are leaders in the recycling of waste oil filters, having specifically designed equipment. Few other companies are able to offer this facility (see Recycling oil & oil filters). We are able to offer a ‘Confidential waste’ disposal service due to the technology at our plant (see Confidential Waste Stock Destruction for a list of examples of waste streams and Certificate of Destruction) and are happy to provide our customers with the opportunity to witness their hazardous waste disposal should this be necessary for their ‘Duty of Care’ requirements.

Waste Matters Ltd recovers and recycles a majority of the wastes processed at our waste disposal site, where it is feasible and viable to do so (see Recycling). Waste Matters Ltd will continue to review our procedures and options for dealing with hazardous waste disposal, ensuring all current legislation and the most environmentally sound options are continuously implemented and improved upon.

Because the Environment matters…

Waste Matters Ltd operate a fully licensed hazardous waste transfer station based in Westbury, Wiltshire.

At our hazardous waste management facility we can accept a complete range of industrial and commercial wastes.

From our site we can offer a total waste management option such as oil and filter recycling, witnessed stock destruction, shredding technology, drum crushing, as well as off site incineration, biological treatment, acid neutralisation, waste to energy use, treatment and landfill.

Below is a brief selection of the materials we can accept.

  •   Acids
  •   Caustics
  •   Solvents
  •   Oil Spillages
  •   Printing Ink
  •   Batteries
  •   Aerosols
  •   Oils
  •   Cyanides
  •   Contaminated rags
  •   Paints
  •   Antifreeze
  •   Contaminated Fuel
  •   Laboratory chemicals
  •   Contaminated Packaging
  •   Out of spec chemicals
  •   Resins
  •   Overstock for Destruction
  •   Confidential materials
  •   Secure destruction on site
  •   Oil filters

Site Services

For a comprehensive list of the materials we are licensed by the Environment Agency to accept, along with other technical details such as European waste catalogue (EWC) codes, licences and permits please see our Document Centre.

Our site operates in accordance to a strict set of operating procedures which are designed to meet the sector best practice guidelines as established within IPPC S5:06.