Onsite Services

A complete hazardous waste management service.

After the initial contact with the client, we can visit the site, sample and analyse the chemicals, compile chemical inventories, package, consign and finally remove the chemicals to our facility for final disposal.

This service ensures that during the process of removal of the waste all legislation regarding the packaging and compatibility of chemicals, labelling for transportation and the plethora of regulations regarding environmental protection are adhered to.

Chemist services can include:

  •   Preparation of inventories of chemicals held on site.
  •   Production of lists to comply with the Hazardous Waste Regulations
  •   Packaging and preparation of waste for collection, including labelling, to comply with the current regulations.
  •   Professional collection services by our ADR trained drivers, on our own vehicles
  •   Removal of all hazardous chemicals to our own licensed premises.
  •   All steps documented to fully comply within your 'Duty of care'
  •   Production of a 'certificate of disposal' where required.
  •   Production of ‘consignee returns’ to fulfil your legal obligation of having an ‘auditable’ trail for disposal of your chemicals.